Invisalign® is a form of orthodontic treatment that uses clear aligners instead of brackets and wires. These aligners are made out of a clear plastic and are barely noticeable when they are on the teeth. As treatment progresses, you will receive new aligners to wear for a set amount of time. Each aligner works on […]

Braces (Damon System)

At Apollo Dental Centre, we offer a different approach to traditional metal braces. Instead of using the traditional method, we use the Damon System. While this approach uses archwires and brackets like the traditional method, it does not use elastic ties to hold the archwires in place. Instead, a slide mechanism connects the brackets to […]


The field of orthodontics is centered around the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of misaligned teeth and bites. When undergoing orthodontic treatment, the primary goal is to properly align the teeth and bite to improve biting, chewing, and speaking functions. Additionally, many people also associate orthodontic treatment with improving the appearance of their smile through straightening […]